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Jack Powell – Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Formatted as an ongoing comedy-infused documentary, Meet The Powells is an original web series introducing viewers to the Powell family and the characters that drive the Jack Powell car dealership.
See also Jack Powell Minisode Series – the shorter, more informative series of videos launched by Jack Powell Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Episode 1 – “Keeping Jack On The Golf Course”

Episode 2 – “Eddie The Fireball”

Episode 3 – “Tip Top Shape”

Episode 4 – “Jeep Jammin’ (Pt. 1)”

Episode 5 – “Jeep Jammin’ (Pt. 2)”

Episode 6a – “Shop Chef (Pt. 1)”

Episode 6b – “Shop Chef (Pt. 2)”

Episode 7 – “Cruisin’ Grand”