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When our production crew arrived at the Historic Twin Oaks House & Garden Estate for a vintage-inspired shoot for the Kenneth Barlis line, they had no idea the extent of film and off-the-grid adventure they were about to embark upon. With plans to shoot a simple ‘behind-the-scenes’ video, the Enjet duo (husband / wife team) let the surroundings and high fashion sink in, conceptualizing an entire fashion film concept within minutes of arrival. With the brilliant team backing of designer Kenneth Barlis (his gowns premiered at San Diego Fashion Week). Traelee (Enjet’s instant muse), makeup artist / coordinator Chaya MUA and the professionals on scene, we ambitiously produced a fashion film during the photo shoot (making our starlet, Traelee act out scenes in between photography takes). An elaborate, flawlessly executed December photo shoot had quickly turned into an even more complex, spur-of-the-moment film adventure with a combination of documentary-like “think-on-your-feet” situations and “just go with it” direction. Cinematographer, Matt Weddle, as always, made the vision his own while Creative Director / Editor Tiffany Schultz kept things moving and (almost) on schedule. This is what our team came up with. Enjoy!

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