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Learn about Enjet Media here. Our San Diego video agency specializes in commercial content strategy & production, travel/lifestyle series, & more.
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About Enjet Media

Founded by husband and wife team Tiffany Schultz and Matt Weddle, Enjet Media was born from a passion for creating stunning visuals, storytelling, and showcasing the unique attributes of each and every client. We specialize in commercial content strategy & production, travel/lifestyle series and and riveting event coverage. Whether launching an international campaign or marketing a local business, we work hands-on through every step from concept to production to distribution.  We create projects that are true to brand, true to heart and set you apart.

In providing full-service San Diego video production, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer effective technical production and creative consultation to projects of all shapes and sizes. From independent projects to small business promotion and corporate marketing, Enjet Media tailors our approach to consistently deliver the highest production value for any budget. Utilizing cinematic quality cameras and equipment, highly stylized editing, and collaborative creative vision, we will tell your story, we will reach your market, and we’ll do it with style.

The Enjet Media team includes seasoned cinematographers, in-house editors, experienced on-camera talent, and in-house creative team. Our small team allows us to keep projects personalized – no cookie cutter videos and no call center. Our entire team works with you from conception to finish.

Meet the Team:

Matt Weddle, Executive Producer/Director of Photography

Tiffany Schultz, Creative Director/Lead Editor/On-Camera Talent

Tom Antolini, Post-Production Manager