Enjet Media - San Diego Video Production | Matt Weddle
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Matt Weddle

Enjet Media CEO and Executive Producer Matt Weddle is a seasoned and educated filmmaker by trade and a San Diego surfer at heart. Having grown up in the waves of Encinitas, Matt went to film school in Santa Barbara. While attending UCSB he wrote, directed, shot and produced short films and documentaries which would earn him awards in film festivals in California and around the country. After earning his Bachelors Degree in Film Production, Matt traveled to Australia where he would continue to hone his filmmaking technique as well as his barrel riding technique. Upon returning to home town San Diego he worked on various television and feature film sets while freelancing as a producer and videographer in San Diego and LA.

In 2010 Matt teamed up with Tiffany Schultz to launch Enjet Media with the common interest of creating high-quality video content that would enhance the businesses and lifestyles of San Diegans while conveying his life experiences and love for San Diego culture through the art of filmmaking.