Enjet Media - San Diego Video Production | Tom Antolini
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Tom Antolini

Enjet Media’s In House Editor, Tom Antolini, joined the Enjet team from across the world. Relocating from Australia to Southern California, Tom rounds out the core team with creative, stylish editing and a fresh take on traditional and cutting edge projects alike. Tom’s adaptability and skill has allowed him to represent the style Enjet Media has become known for with ease, working closely with our lead editor and Creative Director, Tiffany Schultz.


Tom graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelors Degree in Film and Television. He previously worked as Senior Editor on over 20 Short films, with several being screened in both Australia and across the world. Tom has over four years of experience working with top production companies, and even started his own company, Peel Out, at age twenty where he functioned as writer, director and editor for nearly three years.