Alila Hotels and Resorts is a Hyatt Family luxury hotel brand that has stunning properties all over the world.  The hallmark of Alila is the combination of innovative design and crafted luxury in unique locations, set apart by an unprecedented level of personalised hospitality, private spaces and bespoke journeys.

Alila means “Surprise” in Sanskrit, with suitably describes the refreshing character these properties.

To stay at any of Alila’s hotels and resorts is to embark on an authentic destination experience. Be it in recreating the flavours of the local cuisine, enhancing your well-being through ancient healing arts or the thrill of adventure sports… Indulge in the joy of discovery at Alila.

Alila Marea’s property draws inspiration around the beautiful seascape that surrounds it, and the themes are ever present throughout the property.

B R A N D   T H E M E S 

• Artisanal     • Natural     • Fluid     • Passionate     • Authentic     • Innovative     • Responsible

  • Artisanal
  • Natural
  • Fluid
  • Passionate
  • Authentic
  • Innovative
  • Responsible

P R O J E C T   O V E R V I E W 

When the Enjet Team began to ideate a comprehensive suite of flagship marketing assets that deliver the core values, vision and unique offerings of Alila Marea, we knew that we wanted it to be a completely visceral visual experience.  

Full service Creative & Production capabilities were strategized and deployed to capture iconic scenes on and around the Alila Marea property over the course of three production days.  

Post-Production combined the high-quality footage with music, color and sound design to craft a uniquely tailored immersion into the Alila Marea spirit.  The final videos create a well-rounded quiver of powerful marketing essentials designed to attract clientele for years to come.


Alila Marea first approached Enjet Media during the construction phase of the property itself. For our team, we quickly realized during the creative delopment of this campaign that the priority of our objectives would have encompass and touch on everything from building brand identity and awareness to closing a consumer’s journey and entice them to book a room.

  • Increase Leisure bookings
  • Highlight unique amenities, location and offerings of Alila Marea
  • Increase Group Sales bookings
  • Reveal vision and core values of brand and property
  • Elevate value proposition of Alila Marea product
  • Improve visual quality and informative value of website
  • Enhance social media presence & engagement
  • Expand brand awareness
  • Develop brand identity & voice
  • Establish connection with local community & businesses



• Treatment Pitch

• Moodboards

• Storyboards


•  Logistics

•  Scouting

• Schedule & Shotlist

• Production Design

• Casting Services

• Crew Deployment


• Lifestyle Photography

•  RED Cinematic Video


 •  Dedicated Post Production Supervisor

•  Offline Picture Edit

• Sound Design

• Sound Mix & Master

• Color Grade

• Finaly Delivery


Enjet felt that the best approach was organic, experiential and rhythmic; creating an authentic yet subtle connection to the sea.  

This style was accomplished through a ‘docu’ approach utilizing handheld camera moves,  first-person perspective, innovative angles, true coastal vibrations, and cinematic prime lenses to create a dreamy shallow depth-of-field imagery.  

What the team really strived to steer clear from the expected, ‘over-produced’ look and instead, employing a more curated ‘barefoot luxury’ approach.

Visual themes constantly connect back to the natural elements and textures of the environment to actual experiences, creating a subconscious recognition of the values that inspire every aspect of Alila Marea. 

From dynamic underwater shots and natural coastal textures; to authentic moments and breathtaking aerial footage – all content will connect luxury and sustainability in a meaningful way.  These cinematic ‘vignettes’ will bring the Alila Marea Beach Resort’s world-class destination to life through elevated yet relatable content; Content that will capture the spirit of a stay while emanating a freshness, elegance and edge reflective of the brand.

By capturing an authentic experience, highlighting the local artisanal offerings and unique activities along with the property’s unexpected design nuances, deep community partnerships and purposeful architecture from creative angels – Enjet has created a stunning visual campaign that ignites a sense of discovery and adventure and encapsulates the spirit of Alila Marea.

V I S U A L   T H E M E S

  • Ebb & Flow of the Sea
  • Water + Earth
  • Organic
  • Mirroring of Nature within the Property
  • Circular Motions + Patterns
  • Reflectiveness
  • Bright & Dreamy

S O C I A L   F O R W A R D

In addition to our flagship campaign, we knew that in order to create the full-quiver that we would need to dive deeper into different aspects of the property. 

This meant creating some visually compelling pieces that were specefically designed with social in-mind. This meant short visually stunning pieces with edgy sound design. We worked with the marketing team closely on these to determine needs and where to focus.

This led us to want to show both the world-class Spa and the unique food and beverage offerings. 


RED Helium, 4K 120fps & 5K 96fps
Custom water housing


DJI Inspire 2