ENJET MEDIA is a hybrid Creative Agency / Video Production Company, making us a comprehensive, all-in-one video marketing solution. We offer Strategy, Creative, Production, and Distribution to provide a powerful suite of expertise for any advertising initiative. What truly sets us apart is our ability to engage with brands and campaigns from the very beginning of a marketing need – developing clear objectives and targeted results that serve as a blueprint for the rest of the creative process and guarantee the effectiveness of a video marketing campaign.

In short, we do more than create amazing content. We enact a cohesive plan that maximizes the effectiveness of the branded content, making video the single most powerful asset in your arsenal.



Plan to reach the goal.

We believe in starting at the end. Every effective project plan starts with identifying what you want to achieve – what your ideal end results are. The same goes for Video Marketing. The power of video content is well known, but just creating video content will not necessarily garner effective results, no matter how good the content is. There needs to be a target to aim for, a finish line to strive for, a prize on which we set our eyes.

Conversion rates, engagement, in-store sales, click-throughs, customer loyalty, product awareness, brand identity… we take your unique set of goals as a starting point and customize a game plan for how to get there.

From the overall tone and style that resonates with your audience, to the configuration of deliverable assets, to the marketing and distribution of the final content – it all starts with a smart strategy.



Finding the vision.

Time to compel hearts and minds! Behind every memorable brand, every successful campaign, and every poignant moment in history there is a story, a narrative, or a message that moves us. Powerful stories have influenced human behavior and decision-making since the dawn of time. And in our current time, it just so happens that video is the most effective way to tell powerful stories.

The Creative phase is where we take our identified objectives and our strategic plan, and we breathe life into it with a stylistic approach that tugs on just the right heart strings. This is where we flesh out ‘the vision’ – the messaging, the visual style, the tone & tempo. What will resonate with your target demographic? Is the campaign funny, informative, sexy, heartwarming, exciting, or some combination of the above? Does it look polished and cinematic, or raw and authentic? Our creative team crafts a unique approach to creating emotionally compelling content.



Lights! Camera! Action!

Production is where the rubber meets the road and the vision becomes reality. The Production phase includes all services in the creation of video content.

Pre-Production can involve storyboarding, scripting, casting, location scouts, permits, schedules, etc… everything needed to ensure smooth completion of the project!

Production is when we roll cameras. Whether it’s a lean ‘n’ mean team or a full scale cast and crew, we deploy the perfect production package of cameras, lenses, lights, and audio to capture the perfect image.

Post-Production is the editing phase. Visual storytelling and crisp audio are expertly woven together to bring the story to life and evoke powerful emotions. This phase can include music selection, color grading, sound design, and revision rounds… all resulting in the glorious final product – your story, come to life!



Get eyes on it.

The best content in the world is useless if nobody sees it. Our Digital Marketing Team executes the distribution plan with precision to get your fresh content out into the world and in front of the exact people that you want to see it. With perfectly tailored campaigns across social media, broadcast, OTT, and all digital platforms, your story is now out there as a powerful video statement, hitting the mark and delivering results.

We get results. We aim to be among the best video production companies in the world, and  we’re building a track record week by week. But don’t take it from us – hear what our clients have to say about what it’s like to work with the Enjet Media team: Testimonials.